Developing Creative, Influential Leaders

We equip leaders and teams with tools and practices to improve professional performance, maximize collaboration and address challenges with ease and creativity.   


Team Trainings

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Virtual Workshops



We specialize in complex or sensitive situations

Virtual Lead by Design 6-Week Course

Become a leader across all areas of your life with our 6-week live virtual course!


Lead By Design is a virtual or in-person interactive training with skilled support to help you develop yourself as a leader. You will learn tools, practices, exercises, and resources based on our Architecture of Inspiring Leaders model. Plus, you will receive personal coaching and peer support to apply what you have learned.

Virtual 90-Minute Workshops 

Our skills-based workshops cover the vital principles and practices of conscious leadership. These lively, interactive 90-minute workshops are led by skilled facilitators who provide guided coaching.


You can also schedule customized virtual trainings for your team. Schedule a call to discuss.

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Our Clients

"With Julianna's support we grew as a team in vulnerability, trust and collaboration. We are definitely a stronger team today."


- Eleanor Allen, CEO, Water For People