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Our Founders

Throughout their distinguished careers, Nancy and Melanie have experienced both the constructive legacy that conscious leaders create as well as the detrimental impact of dysfunctional leadership on both team and organizational success.


As a result, their work addresses both the human and systematic sides of business leadership and organizational development, to ensure leaders are developed the right way for greater organizational results.


Together, the two women balance the soft and hard skills needed to craft a culture of innovation, employee engagement and workplace happiness.

With almost 20 years of experience leading change, Melanie Meador’s work in transforming organizations has shown her the importance of great leadership. Her knowledge of people systems and processes comes from her extensive consulting background with Deloitte, Dell, and IBM. In working with companies across various industries and public sector, Melanie’s compelling approach and drive for efficiency allow her to come into any organization and affect immediate improvement in leaders and teams. She has demonstrated success in translating strategy into specific and measurable positive changes across complex enterprises. In leveraging best practices in technology, process design, communications and workforce optimization, Melanie helps remove obstacles and enables teams and organizations to reach the next level of performance. 


At her core, Melanie’s approach to smart change is founded on the understanding that people play the pivotal role within the functioning of any system—a kind of methodological perspective that helps her pull out the best from a troubled business situation. Particularly vital to this perspective is her belief that leadership isn’t about making oneself better, but about helping the team thrive, hence Melanie’s favorite motto: “You can’t stand at the head of a team without a body.”


Prior to her consulting work, she directed sales for major retailers like Nordstrom, Gap, and AT&T. Melanie holds an MA in Sociology from the University of Houston and an MBA in Human Capital and IT Management from the University of Colorado-Denver. She has held certifications as a Project Management Professional (PMP) from the Project Management Institute (PMI) and the Strategic Professional in HR (SPHR) from the Society for HR Management (SPHR).

Nancy Kepner has spent the better part of two decades working to build, inspire, re-engineer, and catalyze successful operations for nonprofit organizations’ teams, their functions and their leaders. As a thoughtful communicator, entrepreneur, community builder and facilitator, Nancy brings a refreshing perspective to her clients. Her firsthand experience in building teams aligned to a unified mission, as well as her broad personal development, guide her to help Crafted Leadership’s clients understand the “human side” of leadership. She uses conscious leadership principles - integrity, relational agility, whole body learning, authenticity and radical responsibility - to accelerate and deepen leadership competencies that support growing organizations and foster workplace happiness.


Identifying opportunities for individuals and organizations to increase their capacity to think and operate “above the line” is Nancy’s passion. Her strategic visioning skills and confidence in fostering conscious leadership in business allow her to bring energy, engagement, and results to organizations around the globe.


Prior to founding Crafted Leadership, Nancy focused on building sustainable nonprofit organizations. In addition, she was a recognized catalyst in establishing community alliances and resources for the autism community in Colorado. Prior to that, Nancy practiced as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst ® and program manager for the Judicial Arbitration and Mediation Services (JAMS). She attributes her versatility and global perspective to her years of living and teaching internationally in Tokyo and Moscow. Nancy holds a MEd from Western Washington University and an MA in English from the University of Texas in Austin.