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We change the way businesses lead through a new model of leadership. We call it the Architecture of Inspiring Leaders™.

How We Can Help You

  • We believe that 21st century businesses are best served by focusing on leadership that runs on trust, presence, creativity, transparency, authenticity and play—instead of being fueled by fear and burnout.

  • We put a “conscious leadership” lens on a business culture and team dynamics to develop healthy teams who are productive and creative, in drama-free environments

  • We do the heavy lifting for you, using our professional experiences and networks to curate leadership programs and services.

  • We connect the best leadership facilitators with the clients who need their help, fostering each relationship to solve organizational issues like retention and workplace dissatisfaction.

  • We address top-level leadership and succession planning, professional development, team cohesion and building trusted feedback systems.

How We Are Different

Architecture of Inspiring Leaders™

Our core set of leadership skills and behaviors that build on one another to create teams that are innovative, resilient and engaged. 

Transformation Quotient

We are about "transforming" your organization by teaching skills that stick, not just "informing" you and your teams.  

The results are lasting changes in behaviors and mindset that create powerful shifts and carry across environments

Whole person, whole body learning

We  use experiential learning and support people to become skilled in emotional intelligence, which results in stronger relationships, better decision-making and better retention of new skills and behaviors

Master Facilitators

All Crafted Leadership trainers meet our high standards to expertise, integrity, and ability to translate leadership concepts into practical actions and behaviors. 

Pay it Inward Factor

We encourage participants and clients to bring their learning back to their workplace and share with teams. We provide materials to do so. 

Ready to learn more?

Our Foundations

Our work is grounded in the pioneering human development work of Drs. Katie and Gay Hendricks, whose teachings, writing and experiential exercises in transformational growth and whole body learning have been tested and refined with thousands of participants around the world. Having studied and learned from these leaders, we've translated many of their core teachings into the professional context.  As a result of their wisdom, Crafted Leadership’s programs interweave neuropsychology, physiology, and improvisation.   

We also acknowledge the contributions of the authors of The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership - Jim Dethmer, Diana Chapman and Kaley Warner Klemp - whose  book and work supports a growing interest in conscious leadership.


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