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Julia Munson

Founding Member

Julia Munson has over 30 years’ experience helping teams and individuals increase their teamwork skills. Focusing on collaboration and conscious connections, Julia works her magic in showing clients how to create winning agreements and use those to fuel productive partnerships. Julia works with organizations to explore their people systems and identify critical elements needed to maximize their desired outcomes.

Julia’s genius is delivered through training workshops, facilitation, organizational consulting, and coaching services, which help foster success through a lens of conscious leadership.

One of Julia’s long term client relationships started with engaging over 500 leaders to identify areas where their leadership practices were missing the mark. In order to increase effectiveness and sustainability of this geographically dispersed organization, Julia develops and facilitates programs that elevate communication skills and team management. The results are dramatic increases in team functioning and ultimate fulfillment of this organization’s mission.

With a special blend of straight talk, humor, and warmth, Julia is a key asset to the delivery of our programs. To learn more about Julia and her work, go to http//juliamunson.com or contact her at julia@craftedleadership.com.

Julia holds a Masters in Social Work from the University of Kansas. She is a Certified Conscious Relationship Coach, Transformation Leader, and Body/Mind Vibrance Coach from The Hendricks Institute. She is also a certified Marriage and Family Therapist.



303.709.3145 | 801.230.0983


PO Box 521213

Salt Lake City, UT 84152


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