Leadership in Action: Caitlin Morris

Leadership in Action is our ongoing series featuring inspiring leaders who are taking conscious leadership into their workplaces and lives.

Caitlin Morris is the Music Programs Project Coordinator at the Bohemian Foundation. She participated in Crafted Leadership’s Lead by Design program in 2019.

What’s a habit you had to give up to advance your leadership?

Saying yes to everything.

I thought giving 200% was not only what you should do, but what you had to do to grow and achieve new opportunities. It wasn’t until I took the Lead by Design training that I realized that taking more than 100% responsibility was leading to periods of burnout and resentment, which wasn’t healthy or effective. I now aspire to maintain 100% responsibility in every situation, which has been transformational, allowing me to set healthy boundaries, drive better agreements, and ultimately make better decisions.

What’s your go-to leadership quote or motto?

"Attract what you expect, reflect what you desire, become what you respect, mirror what you admire."

Which conscious leadership leadership tool or practice is your favorite? Why does it work for you?

Owning your Zone of Brilliance.

Before I undertook the exercise of identifying the four zones, I had no idea I was (unconsciously) spending little of my time on activities in my zone of brilliance. Making a commitment to spend more of my time in my zone of brilliance has led to a deeper level of satisfaction and drive in my work and has expanded my perception of what I believe I am capable of.

If you were the CEO of your own company, what’s the first leadership skill you’d want everyone to master?

Emotional intelligence.

I believe that being aware of our emotions and the physical responses they evoke allows us to be more authentic in our interactions and empathetic towards those around us, leading to stronger interpersonal relationships that allow for more transparent, productive collaboration.

Tell us one reason why emotional literacy is important to leadership.

Because we are humans who feel.

Sharing our emotions with each other in healthy ways makes us more human, more interconnected, and ultimately better able to support one another. It is an element of leadership that I don’t often see prioritized in many other leadership trainings, but one that I think really distinguishes a great leader.

Who did you learn your leadership style from?

I’d like to give my mother all the credit here.

She has been an excellent role model to me in so many ways, especially when it comes to leadership. She is incredibly compassionate and reasonable while simultaneously upholding rules and maintaining integrity in everything she does. She has been through tremendous hardship, though it never altered her leadership stamina or ability to get the job done and do it well. In my eyes, she exemplifies what it means to be a conscious and effective leader.

What’s the best leadership book, podcast or article you’ve read recently?

The Power of Positive Leadership by John Gordon.

It’s a quick and fun read with real-life case studies of how leaders have confronted negativity and adversity head on using something as simple as positivity.

In what way did Crafted Leadership challenge or change how you see leadership?

What I love most about Crafted Leadership is it "sees leadership as a way of life, not a title." At its core, the program is about developing better human beings who leave equipped with a toolbox of skills to help navigate the many different situations we all face in life. We’re encouraged to use these skills while being guided by an overarching lens of conscious and thoughtful awareness. We are all leaders in our own right, whether given the formal title or not, and we are all able to inspire and influence those around us to be better leaders themselves. I now see my role as a leader in the way I can influence younger generations to feel empowered to become leaders themselves.



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