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Leadership in Action: Julianna Kobs

Julianna Kobs is Chief Operating Officer of 33Vincent, an executive assistant firm. She participated in Lead by Design, our three-day leadership program earlier this year.

What drew you to the Lead by Design course?

I took the Lead by Design program because of a lifelong interest in learning. 33Vincent has a healthy culture and our team works well together, but as a productivity specialist, and in my role as COO, I’m always looking for ways to improve myself and the business.

What was the impact of the course?

It exceeded my expectations. The tools and shared language are efficient and effective. I’ve put skills into practice immediately and on a daily basis have continued to think about what I learned from the course. Using real-life conflicts to work through the strategies and frameworks was intriguing and insightful.

What were some key takeaways for you?

Feedback. I love feedback and feedback systems. Something that’s really stuck with me is the practice of getting curious about feedback, even when it is delivered in an abrupt manner. “What can I learn from this?” is something I ask myself now.

When giving feedback, I now reflect, “Do I see this person as whole and capable?” The answer is always yes, and that supports me to move forward with the feedback instead of being concerned that I’m going to hurt someone’s feelings. My counterparts aren’t fragile and I’m not mean. This course has given me the tools necessary to deliver difficult feedback in a thoughtful yet direct manner.

Resonant Listening. I’m now more conscious about asking more questions, such as “tell me more,” and not as focused on what I can solve or contribute. As a manager/mentor, I’m invested in supporting others’ growth.

100% Responsibility. I’ve found this a helpful lens and efficiency tool. For example, imagine a scenario of overdue feedback: a manager needs to provide feedback to another person, but feels guilty because they’ve withheld giving the feedback earlier, and the feedback is now overdue. In the past, I might have needed more time to talk about this or taken a different approach to this situation. Now, my advice would be to not worry about the past and instead to take healthy responsibility and make new agreements about expectations moving forward. It’s efficient.

Tools and shared language. I’ve found a huge benefit in using tools and shared language from the Lead by Design course to work through situations. The simple language and concepts are highly impactful. I’m excited to enroll other leaders at 33Vincent in the Lead By Design course so that we can continue to grow as conscious leaders!



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