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Leadership in Action: Owning Your Brilliance

Peter Munson

This month Crafted Leadership has been focusing on the core leadership skill we call Owning Your Brilliance. When you spend a majority of your time exercising your particular talents, you are living from a place we refer to as "brilliance." This is when your life goes beyond the ordinary. We believe when you operate in your area of brilliance, you bring benefit to the world at large and the organizations you work with.

An example of a leader who is stepping into his area of brilliance is Peter Munson. An Episcopal priest who has served three Colorado churches since 1991, Rev. Munson is taking a leap of faith and leaving his current position to pursue his dream of walking across the United States and raising money for children in need.

In March 2019, Peter will begin a nine month, 3,600-mile walk across the United States. His goal is to speak along the way, foster relationships, and raise $6 million ($1 per step) for children across the globe. This project, 6 Million Steps for Kids, is an initiative of Bright Future for Children, an organization Peter formed in 2018.

Peter Munson is an avid hiker, preacher, and writer who has backpacked the 500-mile Colorado Trail and climbed 47 of the 14,000-foot peaks in Colorado. Walking, preaching, writing, and helping children are a reflection of Peter’s brilliance – it’s where he truly shines.

You can follow Peter and his journey on his website, Facebook or Instagram.



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