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Training Topics

Trainings typically last half day or full day and are tailored to meet your organization's needs. 
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Openness to Discovery

How to operate as a leader who is open, aware and curious in order to build trust and influence with teams and clients

  • Familiarize yourself with a self-awareness tool

  • Locate yourself on the defensiveness/openness scale

  • Recognize your signature defensive behaviors

  • Learn to apply key wonder questions

Healthy Responsibility

How to move from the traditional model of outsourcing responsibility to an innovative model of 100% responsibility. Reduce burnout, resentment, blame in the workplace

  • Work with current professional issues using an innovative model that reduces burnout and builds collaboration

  • Explore taking ‘more than’ or ‘less than’ 100% responsibility 

  • Use well-crafted questions to invite responsibility within and among co-workers (rather than finger pointing)

  • Understand blame versus responsibility

Agile Collaboration & Avoiding the Drama Triangle

How to cultivate creative collaboration within your team (rather than drama)

  • Familiarize yourself with the three roles that surface under stress

  • Recognize signs of reactivity in yourself and others

  • Practice specific shift tools that cultivate creativity and collaboration

  • Learn and practice agile collaboration with colleagues and clients

Emotional Literacy

How to harness the wisdom of emotions and practice emotional literacy

  • Understand the functions and wisdom of core emotions

  • Identify, locate and express your emotions with greater skill

  • Learn to hone your intuition for better decision-making

Resonant Listening and Speaking

How to be an effective communicator and a great listener to advance trust, enhance business development and strengthen relationships

  • Learn and practice the art of listening

  • Recognize common listening filters (that prevent us from hearing others)

  • Learn to speak authentically and unarguably

  • Explore the Art of the Toss for highly effective communication

Conflict Resolution

How to address conflicts quickly and effectively while preserving relationships, using a reliable process

  • Become aware of your unique conflict style

  • Learn to distinguish facts from stories

  • Practice a 5-step process to resolve conflict

Impeccable Agreements

Agreements (explicit and implicit) are the operating context of all organizations and teams. How to make and honor impeccable agreements within your teams.

  • Learn simple but proven skills to make/keep agreements

  • Understand how to change agreements when they are not working

  • Explore how to clear up broken agreements

Giving and Receiving Feedback

How to leverage feedback to increase trust, collaboration and growth across teams

  • Learn the three mindsets of giving and receiving feedback

  • Learn to embrace feedback with openness and without defensiveness

  • Practice giving feedback clearly and directly

Transparency & Ending Gossip

How to create a culture of candor while eliminating gossip and building trust

  • Discover how to use radical candor to fuel team performance

  • Learn the communication skills to end gossip

  • Learn and practice the art of clearing withholds and expressing key feelings to liberate energy and increase trust

Active Appreciation

How to deliver effective appreciation and create a positive culture within teams and organizations

  • How to create a field of appreciation within teams that supports retention, engagement and innovation

  • Learn skills to give clear and direct appreciation

  • Develop the ability to receive appreciation

Choosing Brilliance

How to identify and name your strengths and those of team members

  • Gain insight into your unique talents and those on your team

  • Understand and reframe limiting beliefs

  • Use a survey tool and exercises to hone in on your top strengths

  • Understand the 4 Zones of Brilliance

Embracing Differences

How to include perspectives and preferences when they are different from your own

  • Learn Polarity Management, a system for embracing differences

  • Identifying the upsides and downsides of opposite preference

  • Learn key language and tools to use in integrating differences and bringing teams together 

Increasing Adaptability

How to actively cultivate flexibility and creativity within your team to strengthen relationships, innovation, engagement and well-being

  • Learn key improv skills to improve communication, collaboration and adaptability within VUCA environments

  • Using improv exercises, learn to listen deeply, increase flexible thinking, and connect with team members as allies to create high performing teams

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