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Virtual Leadership Workshops

90-minute virtual workshops for you and/or your team live on Zoom.

Keep your team engaged and your organizational culture flourishing. Our skills-based leadership workshops will equip leaders and teams with the tools they need to create collaborative cultures and address challenges with ease and creativity. We cover the vital tools and practices of conscious leadership. All of the skills we teach can be applied immediately and used for a lifetime.  
These workshops cover a variety of key topics including:
  • Receiving Feedback: Learn how to embrace feedback with curiosity and openness to increase your effectiveness as a leader

  • Giving Feedback: Learn how to give feedback that accelerates learning while minimizing conflict

  • Conflict Resolution: Learn to address conflict swiftly and effectively while preserving relationships

  • Avoiding The Drama Triangle: Learn how to spot and address drama in the workplace quickly, calmly, reliably, and effectively. 

virtual leadersip training series

Upcoming Courses

Sign up for one class, the entire series, or set up custom training for your team. 

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These high-value, popular workshops draw leaders around the world. 


I appreciate how I can immediately use the tools I learned.

I had a real self awareness moment in that I recognized the responses I often have to feedback are not helpful to myself or others.

I loved this session and felt I gained so much in a short amount of time.

Sign up for classes above or schedule a call to discuss setting up a custom virtual training series for your team.

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