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What We Do 

Crafted Leadership believes everyone deserves a positive work experience—and it starts with inspiring leaders. While the leadership training and development market is broad and complex, a precise and personal solution is needed in most cases.

Through our unique curatorial model, we distill the overwhelming leadership development market down to the right solution, so clients can easily invest in the process and trust they are implementing programs that will continue to inspire their leaders and teams. Put simply:

We work with organizations to uncover root leadership obstacles that  hinder employee engagement, retention and collaborative teams.


Then we recommend curated leadership programs and services that inspire and/or train teams to overcome those obstacles.

Our aim is to train great leaders, so we focus on practical leadership competencies to improve employee engagement, retention, and team cohesion. We believe the role of leaders is to enable and inspire teams to innovate, create, collaborate, play, and embodying that role requires leadership skills that are impossible to develop in isolation from the team and other stakeholders. Aside from this core organizational focus, we also take time to identify opportunities for professional development at an individual level.

  • Crafted Leadership believes that 21st century businesses should focus on leadership that runs on trust, presence, creativity, transparency, authenticity and play—instead of being fueled by fear and burnout.

  • Crafted Leadership does the heavy lifting for you, using its professional experiences and networks to curate leadership programs and services.

  • It connects the best leadership coaches with the clients who need their help, fostering each relationship to solve organizational issues like retention and workplace dissatisfaction.

  • Crafted Leadership puts a “conscious leadership” lens on a business culture and team dynamics to get to the root causes of the issue.

  • It addresses top-level leadership and succession planning, professional development, team cohesion and building trusted feedback systems.

How We Can Help You