About Us


We are a conscious leadership training and coaching organization.

We believe the quality of our leaders affects the quality of our lives. Our mission is to spread conscious leadership into the global workplace, inspiring a wave of individuals who lead by design rather than by default.

Leadership is a learned skill. We equip leaders and teams with foundational leadership skills - conflict resolution, giving and receiving feedback, emotional intelligence and more - that improve performance and team dynamics. 

After working with us, leaders and teams have common language, tools, and a framework to create highly collaborative cultures that address challenges with ease and creativity. The practices we teach produce lasting changes in behaviors and mindset that create powerful shifts across environments.
Our teaching platforms include interactive team trainings, workshops, courses, and individual coaching. We deliver our flagship leadership development course, Lead by Design, in a customized format to organizations and in a public version a few times a year. Organizations ranging from large scale enterprises to government agencies to start-ups report powerful shifts within their teams after working with our framework. In addition, we offer facilitation services, specializing in sensitive or complex issues. 


Our Model

Our model, the Architecture of Inspiring Leaders™️, covers four tentpoles of leadership: self mastery, relational mastery, integrity, and improvisation. Focused attention to these areas results in teams of high trust and high performance. Consisting of 13 key skills, the model covers the most vital aspects of conscious leadership. It’s a platform individuals can apply immediately and use for a lifetime.

Our Approach

We stand apart from other consultancies with our approach to clients in three key areas:


Engaging Learning Environment

We create learning environments that are experiential, educational and playful. In our hands-on learning style, we work with real scenarios with guided coaching. We’ll challenge you to play to your edges – that’s where real change happens.

A Common Framework Everyone Can Use

We teach a simple but incredibly effective framework that increases team unity and individuals’ sense of personal power. This framework provides common language and tools for handling conflict, feedback, agreements and other important interactions that affect team performance and collaboration. The tools are simple to grasp and easy to integrate. They are inclusive engagement practices that work independent of personalities and backgrounds.

The results of working with our tools and practices are lasting changes in behaviors and mindset that create powerful shifts across environments.

Whole Person, Whole Body Learning

We support people to become skilled in their body’s intelligence system, which results in stronger relationships, better decision-making and better retention of new skills and behaviors.



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