About Us


We believe the quality of our leaders affects the quality of our lives. Our mission is to spread conscious leadership into the global workplace.


We provide skills-based training and coaching around four tent poles of leadership: self mastery, relational mastery, integrity and improvisation. Focused attention to these areas builds teams of high trust and agile collaboration.


Our Model

Leadership is a learned skill. Our model, the Architecture of Inspiring Leaders™️, provides leaders and teams with a platform they can apply immediately and use for a lifetime. Consisting of 13 key skills, the model covers the most vital aspects of conscious leadership.

Interweaving neuropsychology, physiology and improvisation, we coach you on the art and science of leadership, so you can lead with increased confidence.


After working with us, you will be equipped to create and sustain a collaborative culture where you and your team can address challenges from a place of ease and trust.   


Our Approach

We stand apart from other consultancies with our approach to clients in three key areas:


Learning environment 

We focus on creating a learning environment for leaders and teams that is experiential, educational and playful.


We challenge you to play to your edges – that’s where real change happens.


Transformation Quotient

We are about "transforming" your organization by teaching skills that stick, not just "informing" you and your teams.  The results are lasting changes in behaviors and mindset that create powerful shifts and carry across environments.


Whole Person, Whole Body Learning

We support people to become skilled in their body’s intelligence system, which results in stronger relationships, better decision-making and better retention of new skills and behaviors.

"Crafted Leadership has played a significant role in helping me develop leaders who can take good care of coworkers, our culture and our clients well into the future. The investment made has been multiplied many times over."

John Bell

Principal, Assured Partners

"Crafted Leadership changed our company's culture dramatically for the better. Staff and clients notice our new approach to open, honest and transparent communications. Not superficial trainings — they get to the issues at hand."

Pamela Downing,

COO, Warehouse 21

"Your session was a huge hit and we really loved the energy and openness you brought to the group."

Natty Zola,

Managing Director, TechStars

Our Core Values

  1. We engage and inspire leaders and teams through a lens of expert awareness.

  2. We are educational and skills-based: Leadership is best learned through our Architecture of Inspiring Leaders model.

  3. We are uniquely skilled in facilitating one-of-a-kind, in-the-moment transformational turnarounds.

  4. We see leadership as a way of life, not a title.

  5. We are creative problem solvers who advance mastery.

  6. We are professional and transparent, yet approachable.


Our Foundation

Our work is grounded in the pioneering human development work of Drs. Katie and Gay Hendricks and Dr. Julia Colwell, whose teachings, writing and experiential exercises in transformational growth and whole body learning have been tested and refined with thousands of participants around the world.  Having studied and learned from these leaders, we've translated many of their core teachings into the professional context. As a result of their wisdom, Crafted Leadership’s programs interweave neuropsychology, physiology, and improvisation.

We acknowledge the contributions of the authors of The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership - Jim Dethmer, Diana Chapman and Kaley Warner Klemp - whose book and work supports a growing interest in conscious leadership.


We’re grateful to our colleagues Julia Munson, Melanie Meador, and Anna McGrath for helping us refine and evolve the skills and practices we teach.


You can learn more at hendricks.com, juliacolwell.com, and conscious.is.

"I would not be the leader I am today without your coaching"

Kristin Mullen,

Senior Global Supply

Chain Manager,

Clinical innovations



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