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What people are saying about Crafted Leadership

This Lead by Design came along at the perfect time for me, having a fairly new business and having both employees and customers that I interact with, it was time to up my game and this program has really helped me do that!  The reading assignments and manual are well organized and provide lots of exercises and examples to help learn the materials.  The instructors and facilitators are very knowledgeable, compassionate, and run an excellent program.  I love the Tools I now have to work thru conflict, find solutions (to challenges) that are simple and effective, communicate expectations, and make/keep agreements.  I now run my business deliberately (instead of just reacting to people and circumstances) and have reconnected with the joy in what I do.  


The systems I am putting in place because of this training will help my business be more profitable and improve relationships with my employees and customers, it is now enjoyable and fun!  After just a few short months, this program has positively impacted both my professional and personal life and I am so grateful for all I have learned! Thank you so much, it is truly a game changer for me!

Stefanie Hoffman

Owner, Inspiration Riding Academy

The Leadership Hot Spot Series provides ongoing professional development opportunities for a variety of local businesses and nonprofits. Through diverse offerings provided in a comfortable environment, participants are exposed to topics like building teams, professional integrity, leadership, culture, and more.


Our team signed up for 1 year of events (one per month) and sent 1-2 team members to each session. This was an effective way to provide professional development and team building for our administrative team on a monthly basis.


One of my favorite aspects of the series is that participants are provided with connections within the community—not only networking opportunities, but with ideas for potential future training topics for our organization.

Natalia Calhoun

Program Manager, Respite Care, Inc.

Our business had a solid client base, a strong referral stream, and a quality service, but lacked a cohesive guiding force when it came to business culture. Crafted Leadership gave me the skills and theoretical cornerstones for guiding a conscious culture of empowerment which has created a sense of purpose and devotion in my team.  The training not only clearly outlined well-defined parameters for solving conflicts, but also reduced the occurrence of negative interactions in the first place through its teaching of the commitments to conscious leadership.  While we haven't directly studied the effects on the bottom line of the company, I am certain that our company has benefited in this way as well in fewer hours lost to pessimism and lack of guidance when problems arise, as they always do in our field. We are incredibly grateful to the team at Crafted Leadership and look forward to a strong and therapeutic relationship with them in the future!

Bryan Tanner

Many are quick to say most of the factors driving change are about people, yet as leaders embrace inclusion and agree on its necessity, they need the kind of human connection effectiveness guidance Crafted Leadership provides. In attending even a one hour workshop, it was easy to see a quality human connection that helps employees become change champions and organizations to revitalize. There is more, such as what my team provides in insight and market savvy and value alignment, but I support Crafted Leadership's work as a key part of that foundation.

Bill Van Eron

Founder, Headwaters Marketing & Innovation

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