Seeking to improve your leadership skills? Invigorate and strengthen your organization? We’re here to help. We have over 30 years’ combined experience helping individuals and teams develop foundational leadership skills that radically improve professional performance and team dynamics.

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Personal and Professional Growth

• You recognize your business or your teams can only grow as much as you do. You want to accelerate your self-awareness, relational skills, and overall effectiveness as a leader. • You want to develop foundational leadership skills to be effective in your job and to grow in your career. Your company doesn’t have a formal development plan to give you the skills you want, so you seek an outside program or individual leadership coaching for that support. • A have a desire to learn or stay current with leadership skills and behaviors. • As a leader, you experience periods of loneliness and self-doubt and the “not-knowing” periods are draining. You want to learn to lead yourself, have a safe place to express and gain insight, and, as Warren Bennis says, “emerge from the crucible of leadership stronger and unbroken.”

People Leadership Skills

• You’ve been promoted into leadership but realize (or have been given feedback) that you don’t yet have the necessary people-leadership skills or coaching skills. You want to gain the skills - quickly - to be a maximally effective leader.

Navigating Challenging Relationships or Toxic Environments

• You love your job and your company but not your boss – and you see an opportunity to improve the situation rather than find a new job. • Workplace drama is holding you back, and you’d like the skills to change it

Owning Your Brilliance / Self Confidence

• You like what you do but sense you’re not fulfilling your potential. You want to identify your areas of authentic strength and contribute from these areas. You want to know how to support your team to do the same.

Creating or Refreshing Workplace Culture

• You and your organization want a common framework, tools and language for handling conflict, feedback, interpersonal challenges. A framework to unify the team. • You want rules of engagement that everyone can use and rely on, regardless of personality, assessment types or labels.


"Julianna has taught me to be aware and curious of my emotions rather than identify with them. This has transformed my confidence in interacting with other team members and standing up for myself. Julianna is an incredible support system to me. I would not be the leader I am today without her teaching."

 — Kristin Mullen, Senior Global Supply Chain Manager, Clinical Innovations