We support professionals to become better people leaders and to increase their sense of aliveness and effectiveness in all areas of their lives. The skills we teach enable leaders to maximize the most valuable resource they have: their relationships. Contact us at to set up a call to discuss your needs. 

We help you navigate these type of strategic, personal and interpersonal dilemmas: 

  • You’re an executive or a business owner and recognize your business can only grow as much as you do. You commit to spending time growing yourself and accelerating your self-awareness, relational skills, and overall effectiveness as a leader. 

  • You’re in charge of or part of developing company culture. You know the research about companies with the best cultures having the best outcomes, including highest productivity, highest retention, highest satisfaction, highest promoting from within. You want reliable skills and tools to craft a strong, healthy, sustainable culture. 


  • You’ve been promoted into leadership but realize you don’t yet have the necessary people-leadership skills or know how to develop a commitments culture within your team. You want to gain the necessary leadership skills - quickly - to be a maximally effective leader.

  • You love your job and your company but not your boss – and you see an opportunity to improve the situation rather than find a new job. 

  • You want to develop cross-functional leadership skills to be effective in your job and to grow in your career. Your company doesn’t have a formal development plan to give you the skills you want, so you seek an outside program or individual leadership coaching for that support.

  • Workplace drama is holding you back, and you’d like the skills to change it.

  • You want to stay current with leadership skills and behaviors.

  • You’re an analytically-minded person, gifted at strategy and systems intelligence, but struggling with the people dynamics. To manage and influence people authentically and with greater ease, you want to develop your emotional and social intelligence. 

  • You like what you do but sense you’re not fulfilling your potential. You want to identify and articulate your areas of authentic strength and contribute from these areas. You want to know how to support the same in your teams. 

  • As a leader, you experience intense periods of loneliness and self-doubt and the “not-knowing” periods are almost unbearable. You want to learn to lead yourself, have a safe place to express and with compassionate self-inquiry, and, as Warren Bennis says, “emerge from the crucible of leadership stronger and unbroken.”

You want to be challenged and fully supported. That’s what we do.


We are here to support you! Depending on your needs we offer:

  • Assessments and Surveys (Strengths Finder, DISC, Emotional Intelligence, Discovering Your Brilliance)

  • 1:1 coaching

  • 2:1 coaching (with colleagues, co-founders, board members)

  • Group coaching with teams

"1:1 coaching has enhanced my influence, mindfulness and ownership as a leader, and I feel empowered to continue to grow in my role. Working with Crafted Leadership is the single best investment we've made as an organization."


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