What We Do

We work in the following areas:  consulting and training, coaching, facilitation, and speaking.

Interested in talking with us about your organization or your own professional development?  Contact us at hello@craftedleadership.com!


We help leaders and teams make rapid, significant improvements in team dynamics.   With simple but powerful concepts and proven practices, we give you the tools to craft a collaborative, high-trust culture where you address challenges with ease and creativity. After understanding your unique needs and team dynamics, we work with you to address those opportunities using our research-based Architecture of Inspiring Leaders framework.


Optimally, we work with organizations over six months for maximum effectiveness and for the learnings take hold, but there are many ways to work with us based on your individual resource realities.
 An evolving list of our general training topics can be found here.


"I have become a more effective communicator and able to create longer-lasting, stable business relationships."


Levi May,

President, Zippy Shell


Lead by Design Course 

Our flagship leadership course supports you and your teams to maximize your effectiveness and think about leadership in a new way.


For Organizations

We customize our Lead by Design course for organizations and teams. ​

For the Public

We offer a three-day Lead By Design course to the public several times a year in multiple cities. Participants from around the country receive skilled support to develop themselves as  leaders across all areas of your life. Learn more and apply.

Lead by Design Advanced Group

Monthly practice groups supporting graduates of our Lead by Design course to further integrate and develop their leadership skills. Click here for further information


We support leaders to identify and work from their innate areas of brilliance; learn, practice and embody vital leadership skills; hone their relational abilities; and develop their authentic, compelling presence in order to be maximally effective. Expect to be challenged and fully supported. See full description here.


Our facilitation expertise includes ideation, task force, visioning, political moderation, and town hall meetings. Clients include Fortune 500 companies, state boards of education, government agencies, tech companies, ad agencies and small teams.  We have special skills with sensitive issues, complex tasks and new or dysfunctional team dynamics.


We speak at conferences, events, and team gatherings on conscious leadership topics.  Our presentations are interactive and include a skill for participants to practice and a tool for them to take back to their workplace.  We'd love to speak at one of your events! 

"The biggest growth I have seen this year is our ability to give and receive feedback. I attribute your training as the catalyst."

Tori Petersen,



"Crafted Leadership does a great job teaching tools for crucial conversations and practicing those tools in real time"

Julianna Kobs,

COO, 33 Vincent


Responsibility Reset Online Course

We created our animated online Responsibility Reset course to help proactive leaders move from the traditional model of outsourcing responsibility to an innovative model of 100% responsibility.


If you struggle with burnout, resentment, blame or burden in the workplace, we’re here to help!  Our 30-minute course reviews the traditional model of responsibility and how it may lead to these negative feelings. Viewing the world from a place of radical empowerment, you can take action and make changes from a place of choice.


Learn more and take the course at Udemy.com

"Supportive trainers modeled the concepts and strategies for the participants, right down to the transparency they used with our group’s feedback.
I highly recommend
Lead by Design to new managers, seasoned bosses, and everyone

Becky Smith,

Manager, Larimer County



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