What We Do

We work with leaders and teams committed to personal and developmental growth, who view their organizational platforms and professional relationships as catalysts for growth and impact.

Our work includes coaching, training, leadership courses, and facilitating.

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Personal and Professional Growth

• You recognize your business or your teams can only grow as much as you do. You want to accelerate your self-awareness, relational skills, and overall effectiveness as a leader. • You want to develop foundational leadership skills to be effective in your job and to grow in your career. Your company doesn’t have a formal development plan to give you the skills you want, so you seek an outside program or individual leadership coaching for that support. • A have a desire to learn or stay current with leadership skills and behaviors. • As a leader, you experience periods of loneliness and self-doubt and the “not-knowing” periods are draining. You want to learn to lead yourself, have a safe place to express and gain insight, and, as Warren Bennis says, “emerge from the crucible of leadership stronger and unbroken.”

People Leadership Skills

• You’ve been promoted into leadership but realize (or have been given feedback) that you don’t yet have the necessary people-leadership skills or coaching skills. You want to gain the skills - quickly - to be a maximally effective leader.

Navigating Challenging Relationships or Toxic Environments

• You love your job and your company but not your boss – and you see an opportunity to improve the situation rather than find a new job. • Workplace drama is holding you back, and you’d like the skills to change it

Owning Your Brilliance / Self Confidence

• You like what you do but sense you’re not fulfilling your potential. You want to identify your areas of authentic strength and contribute from these areas. You want to know how to support your team to do the same.

Creating or Refreshing Workplace Culture

• You and your organization want a common framework, tools and language for handling conflict, feedback, interpersonal challenges. A framework to unify the team. • You want rules of engagement that everyone can use and rely on, regardless of personality, assessment types or labels.

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Engaging Learning Environment

We create learning environments that are experiential, educational and playful. In our hands-on learning style, we work with real scenarios with guided coaching. We’ll challenge you to play to your edges – that’s where real change happens.

A Common Framework Everyone Can Use

We teach a simple but incredibly effective framework that increases team unity and individuals’ sense of personal power. This framework provides common language and tools for handling conflict, feedback, agreements and other important interactions that affect team performance and collaboration. The tools are simple to grasp and easy to integrate. They are inclusive engagement practices that work independent of personalities and backgrounds.
The results of working with our tools and practices are lasting changes in behaviors and mindset that create powerful shifts across environments.

Whole Person, Whole Body Learning

We support people to become skilled in their body’s intelligence system, which results in stronger relationships, better decision-making and better retention of new skills and behaviors.

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Team Training

We help leaders and teams make rapid, significant improvements in team dynamics. We teach simple but powerful practices that are applied to your specific working scenarios. You and your teams receive hands-on practice in the skills with guided coaching, so you walk away with confidence in the tools and new ability to address challenges with ease and creativity. Our research-based Architecture of Inspiring Leaders framework is the basis of the skills we teach. An evolving list of our general training topics can be found HERE.


We support professionals and at all levels and in all industries as well as those interested in personal growth. We have over 30 years’ combined experience helping individuals and teams develop foundational leadership skills that radically improve professional performance, personal situations and team dynamics. Learn more here.

Leadership Courses

Lead by Design Course

Our flagship leadership course supports you and your teams to maximize your effectiveness and think about leadership in a new way. We offer a public version of this course a few times a year. We also customize it for organizations.

Lead by Design Advanced Group

Monthly practice groups supporting graduates of our Lead by Design course to further integrate and develop their leadership skills. Learn more here.


Our facilitation expertise includes ideation, task force, visioning, political moderation, and town hall meetings. Clients include Fortune 100 companies, government agencies, startups and creative agencies. We have special skills with sensitive issues, complex tasks and new or dysfunctional team dynamics. Contact for further information.

Responsibility Reset Online Course

We created our animated online Responsibility Reset course to help proactive leaders move from the traditional model of outsourcing responsibility to an innovative model of 100% responsibility.

If you struggle with burnout, resentment, blame or burden in the workplace, we’re here to help! Our 30-minute course reviews the traditional model of responsibility and how it may lead to these negative feelings. Viewing the world from a place of radical empowerment, you can take action and make changes from a place of choice.

Learn more and take the course at