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Lead by Design Applied

The skills we cover in our basic Lead By Design course are easy to understand but not always easy to apply.

To support graduates of Lead by Design who want more practice in conscious leadership, we offer Lead by Design Applied. This bi-weekly virtual practice group supports each member to integrate and apply the concepts and skills learned in the Lead by Design course across professional and personal contexts. Lead by Design Applied is led by Crafted Leadership’s Julianna Christie.


Participants receive:

  • Customized attention to support further development of leadership skills

  • Practice in applying the skills in professional and personal contexts    

  • Coaching in how to share conscious leadership skills with others and how to further influence the culture you work

  • Strong connections with professional peers


  • Virtual six-month course for Lead by Design graduates

  • 90-minute sessions every other week for six months

  • Upcoming Lead by Design Applied course in 2024

$2500 per person

Christina Baker.png

I am entering my third year in the advanced group, and it’s difficult to express all that I have gained from being a part of this close-knit group over the past two years. Every time we meet is an opportunity to learn something new and to be held accountable for practicing what we learn. I highly recommend joining a Lead by Design advanced group to experience what it’s like to be completely supported in working towards who you want to become.

- Christina Baker, Manager, Woodward

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