Leadership in Action: Moving Through Emotions

"Crafted Leadership in Action" highlights examples from the Architecture of Inspiring Leaders in professional contexts. 

From our friend and inspiring leader, Blaine Dunn, Senior Treasury Analyst at City of Fort Collins.  A member of our 2018 Lead by Design Fort Collins cohort, Blaine leveraged our process for moving emotions to achieve greater productivity. 

The Issue:

We are all working under tight deadlines and having to do more with less in today’s business world. Recently I was approached by a coworker that needed me to complete something on a tight deadline. In order to complete this request I would need to drop everything else I was doing and get working on this. I immediately became frustrated with this request and did not appreciate the short notice.

The Shift Move:

As I started working on the problem I realized I was very frustrated. I took a step back to notice my body sensations and realized this was really anger manifesting as frustration. Once I was able to realize this was truly anger, I let myself feel the emotion. I did this by moving away from the work and taking three deep long breaths to let the emotion move through me.

The Impact:  

After I allowed the emotion to move through me I was able to get back to work on the problem at hand. I immediately noticed I was able to work more productively and with a clearer mind having dealt with the anger. I was not holding on to the emotion or having it loom over me while completing the work. I was able to complete the work quicker and deliver a better end product by working through the emotions at the time they occurred.

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